How Our Levels Work

The unique idea behind Great Scores is that our pieces are arranged in different levels of difficulty. Generally you will find three different levels for each piece. This also means that when you want to progress to a higher level, a harder and more interesting version is downloadable.

We have chosen keys at each Level to match the standard at those Levels as well as the tune. Each piece at the lower levels can also be transposed into other keys if you wish. At higher Levels this doesn't work successfully so this option is not given.

The opening bars of the popular piece The Entertainer below will demonstrate the differences between our levels.

Level 1: chord symbols (except on classical pieces), single note left hand, simple melody, lyrics.

Level 2: chord symbols (except on classical pieces), more complex left and right hands, lyrics.

Level 3: chord symbols (except on classical pieces), advanced left hand, advanced melody and rhythm.

Level R: tunes have been reproduced in their original form where manuscripts exist, with our own specific editorial suggestions.

Level K: our keyboard level is designed for people playing electronic keyboards wishing to use the left hand accompaniment function, and for pianists wishing to play the melody with a simple chord arrangement in the left hand. Keyboardists will also be able to learn the chord shapes of the left hand in written form in the bass clef. This level fits between Levels 1 and 2 in terms of difficulty.

Frequently we have .5 levels for intermediate versions