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Some Other Songs Recently Added

Song Title   Known From Artist/Alternative Song Title
B'tzet Hakochavim Beyer, Stacy
Haneirot Halalu Beyer, Stacy
Ozi Goodis, Alan
Esah Einai Goodis, Alan
Al Shlosha D'varim Goodis, Alan
Rad Hayom Goodis, Alan
Must Be Chanukah Beyer, Stacy
Nothing To Worry About Goodis, Alan
Shekacha Lo B'olamo Goodis, Alan
Hal'li Goodis, Alan
This Place Goodis, Alan
Brave (Josh Groban) Groban, Josh
Brave (Leona Lewis - Echo) Lewis, Leona
Brave (Nichole Nordeman) Nordeman, Nichole
Brave (Sara Bareilles) Bareilles, Sara
Summer (Marcelo Zarvos - Remember Me) Zarvos, Marcelo
Summer (Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors) Imagine Dragons
Summer (Dido Armstrong) Armstrong, Dido
Summer (Calvin Harris) Harris, Calvin
Summer (Charlotte Hatherley - Grey Will Fade) Hatherley, Charlotte
Life (Darius Milhaud) Milhaud, Darius
Life (Cat Stevens) Stevens, Cat
Life (Des'ree - Supernatural) Des'ree
Life (Sly & The Family Stone) Sly & The Family Stone
Get Down (Curtis Mayfield - Roots) Mayfield, Curtis
Get Down (Audio Adrenaline) Audio Adrenaline
Get Down (Gilbert O'Sullivan - I'm a Writer, Not a Fighter) O'Sullivan, Gilbert
Set Me As A Seal (Carson Cooman) Cooman, Carson
Set Me As A Seal (Joseph M. Martin) Martin, Joseph M.
Set Me As A Seal (Nico Muhly - for Judy Clurman) Muhly, Nico
Shady Grove (Greg Cahill) Cahill, Greg
Shady Grove (Doc Watson - The Essential Doc Watson) Watson, Doc
Invisible (Hunter Hayes) Hayes, Hunter
Invisible (Pet Shop Boys - Elysium) Pet Shop Boys
Invisible (U2) U2
Jubilate Deo (Juan Esquivel) Esquivel, Juan
Jubilate Deo (Betty Bertaux) Bertaux, Betty
Jubilate Deo (Orlandus Lassus) Lassus, Orlandus
Jubilate Deo (Tarik O'Regan) O'Regan, Tarik
After All (Goldrich & Heisler - Ever After) Goldrich, Zina
After All (Goldrich & Heisler - Ever After) Heisler, Marcy
After All (Michael Bublé) Bublé, Michael
After All (The Frank And Walters) Frank And Walters, The
It Hurts To Be In Love Pitney, Gene
Time Passages Stewart, Al
Lightnin' Strikes Christie, Lou
All I Can Think About Is You Coldplay
Minuetto With Variations Martini, Giovanni
Canzone Händel, Georg Friedrich
To Violets
To Our Lady of Sorrows
Soliloquy, ‘thoughts’
Mesmerised: A Song Without Words
Llanbrynmair (Prelude in F-sharp minor/Waiting for Eirlys)
La Tristesse
Gweddi y Pechadur
God Made a Lovely Garden
Daisy's Song
Bassquake (Eye of the Storm)
A Mother’s Lullaby
After All (Dar Williams - The Green World) Williams, Dar
Fantasia (Luys De Narvaez) Narvaez, Luys De
Fantasia (Battista Dalla Gostena) Gostena, Battista Dalla
Fantasia (John Dowland) Dowland, John
Fantasia (Alonso De Mudarra) Mudarra, Alonso De
Steam Heat Adler & Ross
Six Months Out Of The Year Adler & Ross
Goodbye, Old Girl Adler & Ross
Those Were The Good Old Days! Adler & Ross
A Little Brains, A Little Talent Adler & Ross
I'm Not At All In Love Adler & Ross
There Once Was A Man Adler & Ross
Seven-And-A-Half Cents Adler & Ross
Once-A-Year-Day Adler & Ross
I'll Never Be Jealous Again Adler & Ross
Who's Got The Pain? Adler & Ross
Coldest Winter Pentatonix
Good To Be Bad Pentatonix
The Christmas Sing-Along Pentatonix
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays Pentatonix
O Magnum Mysterium (Giovanni Palestrina) Palestrina, Giovanni
O Magnum Mysterium (William Byrd) Byrd, William
O Magnum Mysterium (Adrian Willaert) Willaert, Adrian
O Magnum Mysterium (Tomas Luis De Victoria) Victoria, Tomas Luis De
O Magnum Mysterium (Robert Shaw) Parker, Alice
O Magnum Mysterium (Robert Shaw) Shaw, Robert
O Magnum Mysterium (Robert Shaw) Victoria, De
Requiem (Pasek & Paul - Dear Evan Hansen) Pasek & Paul
Requiem (Gary Barlow) Barlow, Gary
Requiem (John 5) John 5
Requiem (Lamb Of God - Sacrement) Lamb Of God
Requiem (Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King) Avenged Sevenfold
Minuet (Georg Friedrich Händel) Händel, Georg Friedrich
Minuet (Robert Visee) Visee, Robert
Minuet (Johann Philipp Krieger) Krieger, Johann Philipp
Minuet (Luigi Boccherini - String Quartet in E Major) Boccherini, Luigi
Walk (Ludovico Einaudi - In A Time Lapse) Einaudi, Ludovico
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