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Some Other Songs Recently Added

Song Title   Known From Artist/Alternative Song Title
Lollipop (Mika) Mika
I'm Moving On (Yoko Ono) Ono, Yoko
In My Room (The Last Shadow Puppets) Last Shadow Puppets, The
Sunrise, Sunset (with Sabbath Prayer) (Fiddler On The Roof) (Medley) (Jerry Bock) Bock, Jerry
Sunrise, Sunset (with Sabbath Prayer) (Fiddler On The Roof) (Medley) (Jerry Bock) Brymer, Mark
Beautiful Savior (John Leavitt) Leavitt, John
Godspell Medley (Stephen Schwartz) Schwartz, Stephen
Love At First Sight (Styx) Styx
Anything (Jaheim) Jaheim
Anything (Jaheim) Next
Any Time (Kelly Clarkson) Biancaniello, Louis
Any Time (Kelly Clarkson) Clarkson, Kelly
Any Time (Kelly Clarkson) Watters, Sam
Immigrant (Sade) Sade
As long As You Follow (Fleetwood Mac) McVie, Christine
As long As You Follow (Fleetwood Mac) Fleetwood Mac
As long As You Follow (Fleetwood Mac) Quintela, Eddy
No Doubt About It (Neal McCoy) McCoy, Neal
No Doubt About It (Neal McCoy) Scott Sherrill, John
Love Theme (from 'Heaven Can Wait')
Her First Bouquet Young, Victor
Help Me! Levy, Marcy
Hello, Hello, There (Mazurka) (from 'Bells Are Ringing')
Hello, Dolly! (alt. Hello Dolly)
Hello To The Blues Amos, Betty
Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) Pitney, Gene
Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love March, Peggy
Hello Happiness, Goodbye Blues Savage, Joan
Hell Cat Brothers, Bellamy
Helen Polka
Heavenly Father
Heaven Was Never Like This Hughes, David
Heaven On The 7th Floor Nicholas, Paul
Heaven In Your Eyes Loverboy
Heaven (from 'Swamp Fox')
Heather Bells (Entr'acte No.2)
Heartbreak Or Heaven
Heart Of Ice Bare, Bobby
Heart (Stop Beating In Time) Sayer, Leo
All Your Love (Rebecca Schwartz) Schwartz, Rebecca
Stay (Adam Anderson) Hutchcraft, Theo
Stay (Adam Anderson) Anderson, Adam
Stay (Kygo) Larsen, William
Stay (Kygo) Kygo
Stay (Kygo) Noyes, Madeline
We The People (Ann MacDonald Diers) Diers, Ann MacDonald
Dogs (Damien Rice) Rice, Damien
Truth Hurts (Bullet For My Valentine) Bullet For My Valentine
Troubadour (John Barry) Barry, John
Troubadour (John Barry) Winston, George
Those Were The Days (Charles Strouse) Strouse, Charles
The Time Is Now (Twila Paris) Paris, Twila
The Story (30 Seconds To Mars) 30 Seconds To Mars
Claire And Jamie Theme (from Outlander) McCreary, Bear
New Orleans Nocturne Baumgartner, Eric
A Wild Adventure Rejino, Mona
John Grey (from Outlander) McCreary, Bear
Monkin' The Blues (A Tribute To Thelonious) Baumgartner, Eric
Prayer (Ricky Ian Gordon) Gordon, Ricky Ian
Comin' Thro' The Rye (from Outlander) McCreary, Bear
Kid In The Park Gordon, Ricky Ian
Over The Top Miller, Carolyn
Winter Moon Gordon, Ricky Ian
Moch Sa Mhadainn (from Outlander) McCreary, Bear
To Be Somebody Gordon, Ricky Ian
Leave The Past Behind (from Outlander) McCreary, Bear
Genius Child Gordon, Ricky Ian
Kenner Boogie
A Trip To The Library (from She Loves Me) Harnick, Sheldon
A Trip To The Library (from She Loves Me) Bock, Jerry
Strange Hurt [Short version] Gordon, Ricky Ian
My People Gordon, Ricky Ian
I Know You're There Casting Crowns
Joy (Ricky Ian Gordon) Gordon, Ricky Ian
Dance Of The Druids (from Outlander) McCreary, Bear
Border Line Gordon, Ricky Ian
Troubled Woman Gordon, Ricky Ian
Countdown (TV Theme Song) TV Theme Song
Nocturne No. 1 In D Minor Batiste, Jonathan M.
Mr. Buddy
Frank Theme (A Car Accident) (from Outlander) McCreary, Bear
When Vandy Starts To Fight! (The Dynamite Song) Craig, Francis
Faith (from Outlander) (Bear McCreary) McCreary, Bear
Truth Hurts (Lizzo) Lizzo
He Gives Me Peace Berry, Cindy
Mrs. Fitz (from Outlander) McCreary, Bear
Go On, Bruins
People Disappear All The Time (from Outlander) McCreary, Bear
Is It Over
Coronation Street Theme Spear, Eric
Killer Joe Golson, Benny
Killer Joe Jones, Quincy
Indiana, Our Indiana
I Love Lucy Adamson, Harold
Bossa Antigua (arr. Brent Edstrom) Desmond, Paul
Clowns 1 (from the Motion Picture Dumbo) Elfman, Danny
Stretchin' Out In A Rubber Band
Meet The Family (from the Motion Picture Dumbo) Elfman, Danny
The First Psalm Choplin, Pepper
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