List of New Sheet Music by Title

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Some Other Songs Recently Added

Song Title   Known From Artist/Alternative Song Title
HaNeiros Halawlu (We Light The Menorah) (arr. Joshua Jacobson)
Wild Grey Ocean Fender, Sam
Threnody (Olivia Belli)
The Way We Were (Kygo) Kygo
Sleeping Angels
Preludes Kanneh-Mason, Sheku
O Come, Little Children (Wendy Max; Traditional)
Nocturne IV
Nocturne III
Nocturne II
Nocturne I
Night Before Christmas Smith, Sam
Mince Pie Rag
Lullaby for a Distant Angel
Island II
Island I
In the Bleak Midwinter Variation
Headwinds - Bach Variations
Haze - Two Seas Variation
Grain Moon
Fingers, Be Rain
Casa Santi - Grembo Variation
Bleak (Olivia Belli)
As I Was
Let Me Be There Presley, Elvis
Let Me Be There Newton-John, Olivia
Faithful To Me (Kathy Troccoli) Troccoli, Kathy
No Me Platiques Mas Miguel, Luis
Todo Y Nada Miguel, Luis
La Puerta Miguel, Luis
From The Bottom Of My Heart Wonder, Stevie
Uno (Luis Miguel) Miguel, Luis
Encadenados Miguel, Luis
Lord Have Mercy On The Working Man Tritt, Travis
Shadow Garden
The Fabelmans
Hora (Come Let Us Dance) (Julius Chajes) Chajes, Julius
Silver Tongues Tomlinson, Louis
Piano E Forte Op.43
All The Way Over Ryder, Sam
No Way, We Are Not Ashamed Carman
A Closing Prayer Besig, Don
Songs Of The Mountain Richards, Stephen
Ladino Candle Blessing Isaacson, Michael
Jesus Will Remain (arr. Heather Sorenson) Maxwell, Amber R.
Prepare The Palms Of Praise (An Introit Of Joy) (arr. Stacey Nordmeyer) Thornhill, Roger
Badder (from Disenchanted) Adams, Amy
Even More Enchanted (from Disenchanted) Adams, Amy
Fairytale Life (After The Spell) (from Disenchanted) Adams, Amy, Gabriella Baldacchino and Patrick Dempsey
Love Power (from Disenchanted) Menzel, Idina
The Magic Of Andalasia (from Disenchanted) Marsden, James
The Magic Of Andalasia (from Disenchanted) Menzel, Idina
Fairytale Life (The Wish) (from Disenchanted) Adams, Amy
Still Holding My Hand (from the Netflix movie Matilda The Musical) Minchin, Tim
Perfect (from Disenchanted) Harada, Ann
Perfect (from Disenchanted) Disenchanted Cast
Perfect (from Disenchanted) Baldacchino, Gabriella
Perfect (from Disenchanted) Iglehart, James Monroe
Melodies Of Love Martin, Joseph M.
The Way Of Love (Joseph M. Martin) Martin, Joseph M.
What Star Did Shine? Parr, Andrew
What Star Did Shine? Reeves, Jeff
He Is Born! (arr. Joseph M. Martin) Traditional French Melody
Easter Bells, Set Free Your Music Harris, Stewart
Celebrate Jesus! He's Alive! Bailey, Lynn Shaw
A Family Is A Circle Stewart, Pamela
A Family Is A Circle Snyder, Audrey
Your Hand and Mine Garrett, Marques L.A.
Square Root Of Possible (from Jingle Jangle) (arr. Roger Emerson) Mills, Madalen
Tougher Than Tough Morgan, Derrick
War Ina Babylon Romeo, Max
Bredda Gravalicious Wailing Souls, The
Love Your Neighbor (Cindy Berry; Matthew 22:39) Berry, Cindy
Sing Joy! Make A Beautiful Noise! Barrett, Michael
An Easter Exclamation (A Resurrection Introit) Martin, Joseph M.
An Easter Exclamation (A Resurrection Introit) Johnson, Victor C.
Celebrate Christmas! (Collection) Huff, Mac
Kyrie Eleison (A Lenten Prayer) Childers, Brian
Praise The Lord Of Everything McKibben, Tracey Craig
Praise The Lord Of Everything Taylor, Stephanie
Be A Light! (Mark Hayes; Matthew 5:14-16) Hayes, Mark
Stand! (from VeggieTales) VeggieTales
Stand! (from VeggieTales) Heinecke, Kurt
Restless (Mona Rejino) Rejino, Mona
Whimsy (Mona Rejino) Rejino, Mona
Joyful Contentment Rejino, Mona
Dreaming Of Home Rejino, Mona
Evening (Mona Rejino) Rejino, Mona
New Beginning (Mona Rejino) Rejino, Mona
Supalonely BENEE and Gus Dapperton
Potential Breakup Song Aly & AJ
Boyfriend (Dove Cameron) Cameron, Dove
Just A Cloud Away (from Despicable Me 2) Williams, Pharrell
Devil Doesn't Bargain Benjamin, Alec