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Some Other Songs Recently Added

Song Title   Known From Artist/Alternative Song Title
Visions Of Gideon Stevens, Sufjan
No Tears Left To Cry Grande, Ariana
Our Year Wong, Matt
Bamm Howard, Sarai
Stand Tichler, Matthew
Someday Burnett, Dustin
Fired Up Allan, Mitch
Pep Rally Theodore, Ali Dee
My Year Wong, Matt
Art Is Calling For Me Herbert, Victor
Wish I Knew You Revivalists, The
Sacred Waters Martin, Joseph M.
Song From A Secret Garden Secret Garden
Cry Pretty Underwood, Carrie
Faraway Places Miller, Carolyn
Dance With Me Miller, Carolyn
Waltzing Around Miller, Carolyn
The Twirling Butterfly Miller, Carolyn
Dance Of The Penguins Miller, Carolyn
Carry Me MacDonald, Don
Winter Celebration Jacobson, John
We Will Live To Serve Our Savior Besig, Don
Benediction Clausen, Rene
Shadow Mischief Ikeda, Naoko
Screech In Sankoff, Irene
Somewhere In The Middle Of Nowhere (38 Planes Reprise) Sankoff, Irene
Stop The World Sankoff, Irene
Prayer Sankoff, Irene
Welcome To The Rock Sankoff, Irene
Blankets And Bedding Sankoff, Irene
Costume Party Sankoff, Irene
I Am Here Sankoff, Irene
Finale Sankoff, Irene
Ferrari Rexha, Bebe
Always James, Gavin
High Five Sigrid
A Good Night (feat. BloodPop) BloodPop
A Good Night (feat. BloodPop) Legend, John
Rue Saint Denis Nougaro, Claude
Toulouse To Win Nougaro, Claude
Variations on a Theme by Niccolò Paganini
Two Capriccios
Three Yeats Songs
Six Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins
Dialogue with Cordelia
...& was ist dann Friede?
Theme From 'Fatal Attraction'
The Five Penny Saints Kaye, Danny
The Five Pennies Kaye, Danny
The First Time It Ever Snowed Ferguson, Lester
The First Thing You Know (from 'Paint Your Wagon')
The First Night Of The Full Moon
The First Christmas Day Miller, Gary
The Firm (Main Title)
The Finest Hours
The Fickle Chicken Atmospheres, The
Spell It Out Embrace
Moon On The Rain Fairground Attraction
Love Theme from 'Falling In Love'
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan Faithfull, Marianne
Common Ground Snyder, Audrey
Gaelic Blessing Lawson, Philip
Dakota Hymn Sorenson, Heather
Come Sing To Me Of Heaven McDermid, J. Aaron
I Tell The Story Diorio, Dominick
Wild Thoughts Khaled (feat Rihanna), DJ
Wild Thoughts Khaled, DJ
Wild Thoughts Rihanna
Wild Thoughts Tiller, Bryson
Anywhere Ora, Rita
Feels Harris, Calvin
Feels Sean, Big
Feels Williams, Pharrell
Feels Perry, Katy
I Miss You Clean Bandit
I Miss You Michaels, Julia
Dance With Me Kander & Ebb
Underwater Kiss (from 'The Shape Of Water') Desplat, Alexandre
Overflow Of Love (from 'The Shape Of Water') Desplat, Alexandre
Elisa And Zelda (from 'The Shape Of Water') Desplat, Alexandre
You'll Never Know (from 'The Shape Of Water') Desplat, Alexandre
You'll Never Know (from 'The Shape Of Water') Sinatra, Frank
Five Stars General (from 'The Shape Of Water') Desplat, Alexandre
The Escape (from 'The Shape Of Water') Desplat, Alexandre
Chica Chica Boom Chic (from 'The Shape Of Water') Desplat, Alexandre
Chica Chica Boom Chic (from 'The Shape Of Water') Warren, Harry
I Know Why (And So Do You) (from 'The Shape Of Water') Miller, Glenn
I Know Why (And So Do You) (from 'The Shape Of Water') Desplat, Alexandre
That Isn't Good (from 'The Shape Of Water') Desplat, Alexandre
A Christmas Melody Huff, Mac
Always In The Darkness (Your Light Shines) Buda, Brian
A Carol Of Peace Drennan, Patti
A Sending Forth Nordmeyer, Stacey
One Kiss Lipa, Dua
One Kiss Harris, Calvin
Kiss Lonely Goodbye Wonder, Stevie
Gotta Have You Wonder, Stevie
Go Home Wonder, Stevie
Five Card Stud Martin, Dean
First Name Initial Funicello, Annette
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