List of New Sheet Music by Title

Here is a list of some of our most recently added songs

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Some Other Songs Recently Added

Song Title   Known From Artist/Alternative Song Title
Wooden Shoe Dance (from 'Hansel and Gretel')
Who Knows (Oasis; Peter Skellern) Oasis
Weavers Of Moonbeams Oasis
Walk Like A Racehorse
Waddle Like A Penguin
Village Dance (Traditional)
Twitter Like A Blackbird
Tum Balalaika
Trot Like A Racehorse
Toccata (John Lenehan; Bedrich Smetana)
The Slender Mountain Ash
The Sick Doll (from Children's Album, No.6)
The Scherzo Sisters' Shadowplay
The Scent Of Lilac
The More We Are Together (Traditional)
The Joker (Alexander Gretchaninoff) Gretchaninoff, Alexander
The Clowns
The Ballad Of Sluefoot Sue
Talking Fingers
Swoop Like An Eagle
Swing Like A Monkey
Strawberry Fair
Sprint Like A Greyhound
Spring Like A Spaniel
Spanish Eyes (Pam Wedgwood)
Songbird (from 'Easy Jazzin' About)
Song Of The Gondolier (Joanna MacGregor)
Song For Freddy
So I Ran Away To Join The Circus
So Happy I Could Fly
Slither Like A Snake
Russian Folk Song (Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky)
Rigaudon (from 'Almira')
Prelude (Julian Lloyd-Webber; Peter Skellern) Lloyd-Webber, Julian
Pounce Like A Cat On A Mouse
Polish Dance
Peck Like A Woodpecker
Passamezzo Antico
Papageno's Song (from 'The Magic Flute')
On A Motorbike
Old Bells
Oh no, John
Oasis (Oasis; Peter Skellern) Oasis
Ned's Jazzin' Five
My Stubborn Little Brother (from Thirty Five Pieces, No.29)
My Darling Daughter
Morgenblatter (Morning Papers)
Minuet (from 'Don Giovanni')
Menuet (Christian Gottlob Neefe; Christian Gottlob Neefe)
Mazurka (from 'The Young Violinist's Repertoire Book 3')
Marching Tune
March of the Hunters (from 'Der Freischütz')
Loved And Lost Lloyd-Webber, Julian
Love Jumped Out
La Bourbonnoise: Gavotte
Kittens At Play
Jump Like A Kangaroo
Jemima Jane
In The Shade
Imagination (Chet Atkins) Atkins, Chet
If This Be The Last Time Oasis
I'm Yvonne (Of The Bayou) Hill, Goldie
I'm Yours (Johnny Green)
I'm Your Girl (from 'Johnny The Priest')
I'm The Loneliest Gal In Town Hill, Goldie
I'm The Greatest Father Of Them All Hope, Bob
I'm The Greatest Townsend, Frankie
I'm Thankful
I'm Still Gonna Need You Osmonds, The
I'm So Lucky
I'm So Easy To Satisfy
I'm Ready (Fats Domino) Domino, Fats
I'm Past Forgetting You Justice, Jimmy
I'm On Your Side (from 'The Little Prince')
I'm On A See-Saw (from 'Jill, Darling')
I'm Off To My Love
I'm Not To Blame Lorraine, Jan
I'm Like A New Broom (from 'A Tree Grows In Brooklyn')
I'm Like A Fish Out Of Water Powell, Dick
I'm Just A Lucky Guy
I'm Indestructible Jones, Jack
I'm In Love With Jim Ray, Annita
I'm In Love With A Tune Roberti, Lyda
I'm In Love Again (April Stevens; Cole Porter) Stevens, April
I'm In Love (Gerald Legge) Legge, Gerald
I'm Gonna Love You
I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday Domino, Fats
I Wonder Why (Oasis - Oasis (album)) Oasis
Hug Like A Bear
Hornpipe (John Blow; John Lenehan)
Hold Me (Oasis) Oasis
Having Fun (Heinrich Wohlfahrt)
Hang Upside Down Like A Bat
Gypsy Violins
Gypsy Dance (Carl Maria von Weber)
Grumper's Hot Gospel
German Dance (from 12 New German Dances H.IX:12, No.4)
Gavotte (from Suite IV in C Minor/Major)