Biography of Lincoln Jaeger

Lincoln Jaeger started playing the piano at the tender age of seven, after his parents had noticed that when they put on their favourite records, he would, as a toddler, hold onto a shelf so he could dance. Having had the common experience of going through a number of teachers unwilling to look at a wider view of music and styles, he finally hooked up with the right mentor, and was inspired to go to London to study jazz and has a BA with first class honours in Jazz from the Middlesex University.

Having already sampled the classical and jazz worlds, and survived a summer job stint at Buckingham Palace, he sought to further deepen his knowledge by completing a Masters degree in African and Arabic music in the year 2000. There then followed a CD cut with his own trio, performances at the Jazz Café and the Royal National Theatre amongst others and music written and recorded for TV, radio and film use.

He is also currently working on an album of modern music and remains active as a writer and teacher.