The Great Scores Guide to Jazz

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We have three types of downloads on our jazz pages:

  • Our GS Guide to Jazz Harmony: this is an ever-growing guide that explains jazz theory in a more tangible and easier to understand fashion.
  • Our GS Guide to Jazz Improvisation: written in our usual informal and accessible style, this guide will take you from scratch and teach you how to improvise. The guides are fleshed out with many examples with sound files demonstrating each step of the way.
  • Our Backing Tracks/Play-Alongs in mp3 format: have your own jazz trio as a backing band, with you to choose the speed (slow, medium or fast) and key. Very useful on their own but also handy when used in conjunction with our jazz improvisation guide.

Our guides are in Adobe PDF format - version 6.0 or higher is recommended.

The Great Scores Guide to Jazz Harmony

Jazz is fun, fascinating and innovative - but it is also accessible to nearly all standards of players. In our guides we aim to open this sometimes daunting looking world to you. You will learn all about the creation of Jazz chords, chord symbols, modes, the blues scale, chord extensions and everything else you need to know about Jazz harmony.

Great Scores Guide to Jazz Harmony Part 1
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The Great Scores Guide to Jazz Improvisation

Improvisation can seem impossible and overwhelming at first. It doesn't have to be that way. We will lead you through gentle steps, complete with examples and sound files. Learn how less is more, how timing is everything and that a pleasing and interesting sound is quite easy to achieve.

The first part of the Great Scores Guide to Jazz Improvisation - easy to follow, intuitive way of learning how to improvise.