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Sangtittel   Kjent fra Artist/Alternativ Sangtittel
Trip Mai, Ella
Thunderclouds Labrinth
Suspirium Yorke, Thom
Chau Paris
The Dark Side Muse
Nina Cried Power Hozier
We All Fall In Love Sometimes Coldplay
Why Her Not Me Carter, Grace
Where Did I Go Smith, Jorja
Tokka Obel, Agnes
Forgotten Love Aurora
Heaven Must Have Sent You Lulu
Christmas Eve Supper (Sunday Night Supper)
A Christmas-y Day
Who Says There Ain't No Santa Claus
What Will Santa Claus Say? (When He Finds Everybody Swinigin') Prima, Louis
The Tears Of An Irish Mother O'Farrell, Talbot
The Olive Tree Durham, Judith
Springtime Reminds Me Of You
Open Up Them Pearly Gates Seekers, The
Oh, Happy Day
My Heart's With A Convoy
My Brother Scott, Terry
Go Home And Tell Your Mother Montgomery, Robert
Forever Samba Ros, Edmundo
Does Santa Claus Sleep With His Whiskers (Over Or Under The Sheet) Hall, Henry
All On A Golden Afternoon
With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm Holloway, Stanley
Where Are You Christmas ? Hill, Faith
War Nerve Pantera
Twilight Zone Theme
Theme from 'Zorba The Greek'
Theme from 'The Apartment'
Theme from 'Fantasy Island
Santa Caught A Cold On Christmas Eve and Richard, Dick
Our Christmas Waltz 'Red' Foley, Cyde
Olga Pulloffski (The Beautiful Spy) Hall, Henry
Main Theme from 'Wallenberg' (A Heroes Story)
I Might Learn To Love Him Later On (Tra-la-la-la) Loraine, Violet
Brahn Boots Holloway, Stanley
At Christmastime (from 'Song Of Norway')
Any Dirty Work To-Day ? Carney, George
And The Great Big Saw Came Nearer And Nearer Sarony, Leslie
And Suddenly It's Christmas
Theme for Laura (from 'Remington Steele')
That's What I'd Like For Christmas Secombe, Harry
Send A Prayer (To Heaven) Brown, Errol
Savoy Christmas Medley Orpheans Band, Savoy
Christmas Dream Como, Perry
High On Life Garrix, Martin
Darkside Walker, Alan
All I Am Glynne, Jess
My Story Gray, Loren
Let Your Light Shine (arr. Kirby Shaw) Mo', Keb'
Warm And Tender Love Sledge, Percy
The Raiders March (from 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark') (aka Indiana Jones Theme)
The Natural
The Inspector Closeau Theme (from The Pink Panther Strikes Again)
The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Summer Love (from 'Moonlight Serenade')
Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear Nilsson, Harry
Say It With Flowers Squires, Dorothy
People Alone
Open Road Barlow, Gary
On The Trail from 'Grand Canyon Suite'
Oh By Jingo! Oh By Gee!
Main Theme from 'Silverado'
Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me Knight, Evelyn
Love Won't Let Me Wait Harris, Major
Love Theme from 'Young Sherlock Holmes'
Love Theme from 'Wallenberg'
Love Theme from 'The Winds of War'
Love Theme from 'Ben Hur'
Like Blue
I'll Kiwl You A Miwl-Yun Times
Harmony (from 'Irreconcilable Differences')
Gertie, The Girl With The Gong
Flat Baroque
Eager Beaver Kenton, Stan
Doll Dance
Courtship (Basketball Theme)
Cotton Candy
Aspen Fogelberg, Dan
Satisfied Tomlin, Chris
Impact Tomlin, Chris
Goodness Love And Mercy Tomlin, Chris
Ring Bells (Kling Glockchen) Crocker, Emily
Goodnight Moon Whitacre, Eric
As One Who Knows The Light Nix, Brad
Is He Worthy? Sorenson, Heather
To Be Free Passenger
In My Mind Dynoro
In My Mind D'Agostino, Gigi
Loyal To Me Nesbitt, Nina
Got To Get You Off My Mind Burke, Solomon
Baby I'm Yours Lewis, Barbara
Angela (Theme from 'Taxi')
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