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Ludovico Einaudi

Einaudi is a classical Italian pianist who has also ventured into other genres including folk, world and rock music. He has written scores for, amongst others, the film Doctor Zhivago. In his early years he played folk guitar as well as being taught the piano by his mother. His composing success started in his 30s and coincided with his recordings as well as film and television.

Einaudi started using synthesizers in his work beginning, in October 2009, with his album Nightbook. He uses them by blending in with his piano playing creating a style that spans classical and jazz which combine to become new age music. This is an album for finding time to listen to carefully, to interpret the meanings behind the careful harmonics and emotions that envelop you.

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Ludovico Einaudi Sheet Music

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Song Title Arrangements
A Fuoco 2
Ancora 1
Andare 1
Ascolta 1
Berlin Song 1
Bever 1
Brothers 1
Burning 1
Bye Bye Mon Amour 1
Cache Cache 1
Come Un Fiore 1
Corale 1
Corale Solo 1
Dietro Casa 1
Discovery At Night 1
Divenire 1
Dolce Droga 2
Eros 1
Experience 1
Fairytale 4
Fly (Einaudi) 1
High Heels 1
In Principio 1
Indaco 3
L'Origine Nascosta 2
Lady Labyrinth 1
Le Onde 2
Leo 2
Life 3
Luce 1
Melodia africana II 1
Melodia africana III 1
Melodia africana IV 1
Monday 1
Newton's Cradle 1
Nightbook 1
Nuvole Bianche 1
Nuvole Nere 1
Oltremare 1
Ombre 1
Ora 1
Orbits 1
Primavera 3
Questa Volta 1
Resta Con Me 2
Reverie 17
Ritornare 1
Ronald's Dream 1
Rose 2
Run 35
Stella Del Mattino 1
The Crane Dance 2
The Dark Bank Of Clouds 1
The Earth Prelude 1
The Planets 1
The Snow Prelude No. 15 1
The Snow Prelude No. 2 1
The Snow Prelude No. 3 In C Major 1
The Tower 1
Time Lapse 1
Tu Sei 1
Two Trees 1
Un Mondo A Parte 1
Una Mattina 3
Underwood 2
Uno 1
Walk 5
Waterways 1
Writing Poems 1
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