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Alexandre Desplat anche conosciuto come Alexandre Michel Gerard Desplat Vedere partiture per questo artista
  • Nato: 23 Agosto 1961
  • Francese
  • Occupazioni: Compositore, Direttore d’orchestra
  • Genres: Film & TV
Alexandre Desplat

Artisti Simili: Patrick Doyle, Carter Burwell, Marco Beltrami, John Williams

Alexandre Desplat Partiture

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Titolo Arrangiamenti
A New Life 3
Adrenaline 4
Almost A Kiss 3
Alone At Night 1
Benjamin And Daisy 2
Benjamin And Daisy (from The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button) 1
Bruno's Theme (from 'Suite Française') 1
Children's Games 1
Daisy's Ballet Career 1
Dinner Waltz (Traffic Quintet)/Wong Chia Chi's Theme (from Lust, Caution) 1
Dreamcatcher 3
Edward Leaves 3
Fear And Suspicion 1
Full Moon 6
I Need You 17
It Was Nice To Have Met You 1
King George VI 1
Lionel And Bertie 1
Love In Murmansk 1
Love Returns 1
Marry Me, Bella 3
Meeting Again 1
Meeting Daisy 1
Memories Of Childhood 1
Memories Of Edward 3
My Kingdom, My Rules (from The King's Speech) 1
New Moon 4
New Moon (The Meadow) 2
Nothing Lasts 1
People's Princess I/Elizabeth & Tony (from The Queen) 1
Postcards 1
Queen Elizabeth (from The King's Speech) 1
Romeo & Juliet 3
The Cullens 3
The King Is Dead (from The King's Speech) 1
The King's Speech 1
The Rehearsal (from The King's Speech) 1
The Royal Household (from The King's Speech) 1
The Threat Of War (from The King's Speech) 1
To Volterra 3
Volturi Waltz 3
You're Alive 3
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