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Titolo   Conosciuto da Artista/Anche conosciuto come
Subway Stomp - Orchestra (Stephen Bulla) Bulla, Stephen
High Hopes - Marching Band (Matt Conaway - Panic! at the Disco) Panic! At The Disco
High Hopes - Choir Instrumental Pak (Sammy Cahn; Ed Lojeski) Sinatra, Frank
Hasidic Niggun Shur, Bonia
Sisu Et Yerushalayim (Exalt Jerusalem) Nof, Akiva
Mizmorei T'hilim Avni, Tzvi
We Came To Sing In Jerusalem Burger, David
Seder Songs Isaacson, Michael
Kumah Echa (Rise Up) Parker, Alice
Elohim Hashiveinu (O Lord, Turn Our Hearts) Jacobson, Joshua
Morena Robinovitch, Sid
Ein Keloheinu Adler, Samuel
Ya Ribban Olam Adler, Samuel
Zamri Li Adler, Samuel
Lebn Zol Columbus Perlmutter, Aaron
Aspects Of A Great Miracle Isaacson, Michael
Hakotel (The Wall) Jacobson, Joshua
Dremlen Feygl (Birds Are Drowsing) Jacobson, Joshua
Eftakh Na Sefatay Rossi, Salamone
The 19th Psalm Adler, Hugo
Yerushalayim (Me'al Pisgat Har Hatsofim) Jacobson, Joshua
Three Sabbath Songs Sargon, Simon
Chulu M'chol Hahora (Come Now And Dance The Hora) Wilenski, Moshe
Hebrew Part Songs And Rounds Richards, Stephen
Light The Legend Isaacson, Michael
Mah Yafeh Hayom (How Beautiful Is The Sabbath Day) Sargon, Simon
Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man Lynn, Loretta
We Could Have It All Pink
Who Am I? Stone, Madeline
When It Rains It Pours Haggard, Merle
To Shorten Winter's Sadness (arr. John Leavitt) Weelkes, Thomas
(Hey Why) Miss You Sometime Pink
Courage Pink
I Am Anne (from On The Shoulders Of Giants) (arr. Mac Huff) Jacobson, John
Fruitcake? Padworski, Kevin T.
Waiting For Life (from Once On This Island: The Musical) Flaherty, Stephen
The Epitaph Martin, Joseph M.
Two Brothers (arr. Emily Crocker) Gordon, Irving
The Eye Brandi Carlile
Love Me Anyway (feat. Chris Stapleton) Stapleton, Chris
Love Me Anyway (feat. Chris Stapleton) Pink
Hurts 2B Human (feat. Khalid) Khalid
Hurts 2B Human (feat. Khalid) Pink
The Last Song Of Your Life Pink
My Attic Pink
90 Days Pink
Birmingham Shovels & Rope
Such Great Heights Wine, Iron And
Happy Pink
Circle Game Pink
More Than Enough (Michael Isaacson) Isaacson, Michael
Do You Hear The People Sing? (from Les Miserables) - Choral Instrument Pak (Ed Lojeski)
If You Were Me John, Elton
Go On And On John, Elton
Duets For One John, Elton
A Woman's Needs John, Elton
Lily Walker, Alan
Glad He's Gone Lo, Tove
Dream Glow BTS
Blame It On Your Love Lizzo
Balance ton Quoi Angèle
Happy (from Despicable Me 2) - Choral Instrumental Pak (Mark Brymer) Williams, Pharrell
Happy (from Despicable Me 2) - Marching Band (Paul Murtha) Murtha, Paul
I'll Be Home For Christmas - Choral Instrument Pak (Ed Lojeski) Lojeski, Ed
I'll Be Home For Christmas (Medley) - Choral Instrument Pak (Mark Brymer) Brymer, Mark
Christ Above All - Choral Instrument Pak (Mark Brymer) Brymer, Mark
Game of Thrones - Concert Band (Michael Brown) Djawadi, Ramin
Game of Thrones - Marching Band (Jay Bocook) Bocook, Jay
Game of Thrones - Marching Band (Jay Bocook) Djawadi, Ramin
Centuries - Marching Band (Fall Out Boy) Fall Out Boy
Old Time Rock & Roll - Marching Band (Bob Seger) Seger, Bob
Old Time Rock & Roll - Marching Band (Bob Seger) Murtha, Paul
Those Nights Bastille
One Touch Glynne, Jess
Not OK Kygo
Last Goodbye (Kenny Wayne Shepherd) Sillers, Tia
Last Goodbye (Kenny Wayne Shepherd) Shepherd, Kenny Wayne
Last Goodbye (Kenny Wayne Shepherd) Selby, Mark
Boom Boom - Jazz Ensemble (John Lee Hooker) Hooker, John Lee
Time After Time - Jazz Ensemble (Cyndi Lauper) Lauper, Cyndi
Time After Time - Jazz Ensemble (Cyndi Lauper) Murtha, Paul
Firework - Marching Band (Katy Perry) Perry, Katy
Get Back - Marching Band (The Beatles) Beatles, The
Boogie Wonderland - Marching Band (Earth, Wind & Fire) Earth, Wind & Fire
Bailando (Greg Jasperse) Jasperse, Greg
Arabian Nights (William Gillock) Gillock, William
Aladdin (Medley) (Ed Lojeski) Rice, Tim
Aladdin (Medley) (Ed Lojeski) Lojeski, Ed
Aladdin (Medley) (Ed Lojeski) Ashman, Howard
Aladdin (Medley) (Ed Lojeski) Menken, Alan
All Blues - Jazz Ensemble (Miles Davis) Davis, Miles
April in Paris - Jazz Ensemble (Rick Stitzel) Stitzel, Rick
Uma Thurman - Marching Band (Matt Conaway) Conaway, Matt
Uma Thurman - Marching Band (Matt Conaway) Fall Out Boy
True Colors - Concert Band (Cyndi Lauper) Lauper, Cyndi
Somebody To Love - Choral Instrument Pak (Roger Emerson) Queen
Somebody To Love - Choral Instrument Pak (Roger Emerson) Glee Cast
Somewhere Out There (Our Lady Peace - Gravity) Our Lady Peace
City Of Stars - Choral Instrument Pak (Roger Emerson) Emerson, Roger
January (Bonnie McKee) McKee, Bonnie
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