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Titel   Bekannt durch Komponist/Alternativer Titel
Will's Story (from "Free The Mind")
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? (from 'Up-Grade! 1-2')
Urban Nocturne
Turkish March (from 'Albumleaves for the Young, Op.101, No.9')
Tokyo Sunset Brown, YolanDa
To Love Someone Boone, Benson
Time To Say Goodbye (from "White Black Boy")
Theme from Polovtsian Dances
Theme (from "Varmints")
The Theory Of Everything (from 'The Theory Of Everything')
The Sun's Gone Dim And The Sky's Gone Black
The Shepherd (from 'For Children')
The Radiant City
The Drowned World
The Death Of Åse (from 'Peer Gynt Suite')
The Birds Gather At Dusk
The Bach Book
Sweet Dreams (from ‘Album for the Young’) (Op. 39 No.21)
String Quartet No. 3
String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet In Four Parts
String Quartet (Three movements in one)
String Quartet
Stick Dance (Traditional)
Sonata In G
Sonata (Gottfried Müller)
Slovak Song (from 'Violin Playtime Book 2')
Sinfonia (Alessandro Stradella)
Sea Chant
Sarabande (Arcangelo Corelli)
Rondo (Theme from Op.48)
Rondeau (from 'Superstart Violin')
Robin's Retreat (from 'All Sorts')
Pushing my thumb through a plate
Prelude (from 'The Gadfly')
Point Of No Return
Payphone (from "McCanick")
Paddy O'Rafferty
Out 'N' About Rag
Orchestral Studies for Violin
Odi Et Amo / Krókódill
Norwegian Dance (from 'Lyric Pieces Bk.4 Op.47, No.4')
My Love Mine All Mine Mitski
Monody (Lux aeterna)
Minuet (from 'Sonata In A Major No.33')
Million Billion Love Brown, YolanDa
Melodia (iii)
March from L'Arlsienne
Lison Dormait
Linda & Walter (from "Personal Effects")
Last Stop
Largo from 'The New World Symphony' (from 'Superstart Violin')
La Serenata (Gaetano Braga; Mary Cohen)
Jói & Karen
Já, Hemmi Minn
Indian Wedding (from "Personal Effects")
In A Dream (John Lenehan)
I Feel The Same
Houdini Lipa, Dua
He Says It's The Future (from 'Copenhagen Dreams')
Grinding bust turning
Good Morning, Midnight
Goat Head
Gavotte (from 'Suite In D')
Gagliardo (from 'All Sorts')
From Old Vienna (from 'Violin Playtime Book 3')
Fragments (Ana Sokolovic)
Flugeldar II
Flight From The City
Fisher Laddie
Feel Any Worse
Erstes Zusammenspiel [First Duets]
Eleven Thousand Six Hundred And Sixety-Nine Died Of Natural Causes (from 'Copenhagen Dreams')
Dressing Up (from "Personal Effects")
Daylonging, Slacktide
Das Schlagzeug-Einmaleins [Percussion Basics]
Consolation Op.30, No.3
Concerto (Carl Stamitz)
Can't Catch Me Now Rodrigo, Olivia
Blurry wake song
Bendy Broken Telemann No.3
Beauty (from 'Blind Massage')
Be Over (from 'The Shadow Play')
Bagatelle (from 'Eleven Bagatelles Op.119, No.5')
Andante (Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach)
And What I Mean Is This
Allegro (Wilhelm Friedemann Bach)
Adagio (from 'Three Early Pieces')
A Model Of The Universe (from 'The Theory Of Everything')
A Game Of Croquet (from 'The Theory Of Everything')
A different ‘Fantasie from Suite no.5 in G minor’
A day at the spa
4 Pictures
30 Very Easy Exercises
3 Pieces (Max Reger)