Scorch no longer supported by Safari

As reported on the 23rd of July on the sibelius blog, Apple have unfortunately decided to no longer support Scorch within its Safari browser.

Mac users who are using either OS 10.6 or the brand new OS 10.7 and have updated to the latest version of Safari (5.1) will have to use the free Firefox browser instead. You can download Firefox for free here.

Users will not have to install Scorch again after uploading and installing Firefox.

Please note that Firefox automatically opens in 64 bit Mode – Scorch is still a 32 bit application, however. Once you look at a Scorch score, Firefox recognises that it needs to switch and informs you with a yellow bar that is needs to change to 32 bit mode. Please click on the button “Restart in 32 bit mode” and Firefox will then automatically take you back to the same pages as before, and you can then view Scorch files and print them.

Mac users on OS 10.4 and 10.5 are not affected, as they are on an older version of Safari, which supports Scorch. OS 10.4 and 10.5 are not compatible with the latest version of Safari, so users cannot update to Safari 5.1.

Lincoln Jaeger