Beck's Next Album "Song Reader" To Be Released As Sheet Music Only

Hi Everyone

Music Industry Maverick Beck Hansen has decided to pull yet another unconventional trick out of the hat. Rather than releasing his next album, the appropriately titled Song Reader, as a standard audio album, available on cd, as an mp3 download, or even vinyl, there will be no recording to purchase.

Yes you did hear that correctly – rather than spending hours in the studio perfecting takes and mixes, Beck has decided that his 11th album will be released as sheet music only.

According to our friends at Faber Music, Song Reader will include a foreword by Beck, artwork by artists such as Marcel Dzama, Leanne Shapton, Josh Cochran, Jessica Hische, and the physical product will also contain 20 booklets encased in a hardcover.

There will however be “cover-versions” of the songs, which will be posted online and performed by Beck’s friends.

Now we at Great Scores obviously love sheet music, but the whole concept does beg the question of how fans who do not play an instrument, or do not read sheet music are supposed to savour the songs? However it could also be that Song Reader could be a very clever (marketing) idea, resulting in a handful of excellent covers by famous stars. Then again, maybe the famous music stars can’t read sheet music either (Louis Armstrong and Paul McCartney famously could/cannot read music).

Regardless, we will be sure to let you know when the digital version of Song Reader is available for download from Great Scores!