Pink Panther Theme Tutorial


We have just added a Pink Panther Tutorial for the piano to accompany the sheet music we feature on our site. I explain how to play the all important left hand in detail and give a few hints and tips, including how to add a few extra bits that aren’t included in the score and what the Pink Panther Theme shares with the James Bond Theme:

You can download the Pink Panther sheet music from our site.

Hope you enjoy the video




Official Great Scores Blog Launch

Welcome to our official blog launch.

We want this blog to be about you, the customer. We invite your feedback and active participation, be that in suggesting new ideas for tutorials, guides, sheet music, videos, or in answering your (sheet) music specific questions.

We already have a few plans in mind with regards following on from our videos on our youtube page.

Our Jerry Lee Lewis Boogie with it’s tutorial and videos has proved extremely popular:

Click here for the sheet music.

Following on from that we added a Rock’n’Roll licks collection with 4 video tutorials and accompanying sheet music download, here is the first of those four videos:

Click here for the sheet music.

We are planning on doing more of these instructional videos that include accompanying pieces/guides as downloads.

We have already had the suggestion to create a piece from the Rock’n’Roll licks collection (thank you Hendrik).

Further ideas include a guide to how music works – but not your usual boring theory guide, but a more practical view on harmony, and how you can use this knowledge to fully understand music (it’s easier than you think). This series of guides would enable you to work pieces out from your ipod yourself.

Other plans include guides on improvisation, walking bass lines, time signatures, etc, but of course we will try to make these fun.

We’ll also try to answer any questions, and have regular Q&A sessions. To get things started, here is a little teaser question. You often come across bars of music that seem to have many more beats in them, than the time signature suggests. How is this possible?

Here is an “easier” example to solve; there seem to be eight beats of music in the right hand, when there should be four:


For the more seasoned pros, here is a more difficult one. There appear to be two beats missing in the left hand, and extra quavers (8th notes) in the right hand, but 6 of them, plus a minim (half notes) and some strange note that seems to be a minim (half note) and a quaver (8th note) at the same time on beat 3:

Now it’s over to you, suggestions on upcoming guides, videos, sheet music and answers to our little teaser question are very welcome.

Take care



All Blogs are not Equal

f you type Sheet Music Blogs into Google you will find that the early matches are not what I would call blogs. However, this blog intends to alter that by actually writing about the sheet music itself.


If you type Sheet Music Blogs into Google you will find that the early matches are not what I would call blogs.  They are just sites listing public domain and, quite often, illegal copyrighted sheet music or lists of sheet music, and simply trying to earn some Google Adwords money out of it. Of course this blog is a direct dependendent of our Great Scores Sheet Music Website and so has a commercial background. However there appear to be few sites dedicated to sheet music itself which is one of the reasons we started this. Maybe that’s why this blog, although very new, appears in Google’s first ten results for sheet music blogs. 

The subject of sheet music can be quite wide ranging and I intend to cover a fair amount of ground in the coming months.  This will include the history of written music, a discussion on sheet music software and file formats as well as how these could be developed by harnessing the power of the Internet to use collaboration and  ease of use to allow new music to be developed without having to master complex and expensive packages. I will also cover the interesting world of Public Domain and Copyright and how it effects how sheet music can be offered to you and how it is still dependent partially on where you are downloading it.

Of course the purpose of sheet music is that it is played and we will cover various genres and instruments and how they may be adapted to create interesting new pieces.  

So the next post will have a little more depth and detail to it and I am eager to get feedback and comments.  Please note that if you login at GreatScores you will automatically have an account on here so you can post comments.





Blog introduction


Welcome to the Great Scores Blog.  But why write a blog?  Well we know it’s fashionable and our marketing friends recommend it but, the real reason is to share some of our thoughts with our customers and others and hopefully get some useful feedback.

So onwards…..