Updated Music Browser and other news

We’ve been busy working with Avid to implement their new Cloud interface version 2. This brings a fresher interface to our scores and the ability to play and print from your iPhone or iPad. The controls have moved to the bottom of the screen which helps mobile users but we’ve asked for that to be configurable together with a few other tweaks.

Our database has now grown to 120,000 arrangements and we have been busy separating songs with the same titles into different songs, adding album titles where useful and albums as collections of songs.

And to end here, just in case you like a bit of classic 60s Jazz, here’s a couple of arrangements of Thelonious Monk’s Off Off Minor


Brasil, Brasil

We’re in Brazil for the carnival and researching the Bossa Nova bars of Rio de Janeiro as well as the samba street parties of Savlador. It is, without doubt, great fun.

Our first stop in Rio was La Girota de Ipanema bar which was disappointing on a Monday evening – no live music. Across the road was the cosy Vinicius bar named for the amazing Vinicius de Moraes. We were privileged to see Thais Motte sing so delicately and strong with her nice dance moves.


Mumford & Sons Equal The Chart Record Set By The Beatles

English folk rock band Mumford & Sons have equalled the Beatles’ record of havgin 6 tunes in the American Billboard Top 100.

The Beatles set this record as long ago as 1964 – to put this into historical context this was the year that the death penalty was abolished in Great Britain, Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment, interest rates in England were at 7% and a loaf of bread cost 21 cents in the US. Seems like a long time ago?

All 6 tracks in the current top 100 are from the new Mumford & Sons album Babel, which became the band’s first UK Number One Album.

Here is the video for Little Lion Man