Für Elise Boogie Sheet Music



We’ve just shot a video for our Boggie Woogie arrangement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s classical masterpiece Für Elise.

We have plenty of versions of the original piece, tiered by levels of difficulty, but we dcided it would be good fun to turn this piece into a Boogie-Woogie, as the melody and harmony of the piece lend themselves to the Boogie treatment rather well. The sheet music is available here.

In the video I also go over some of the technical aspects of playing the left hand patterns that occur in the piece (from 1:48 onwards). I actually change between two Boogie patterns in the piece – something not normally done on a Boogie Woogie composition, which usually sticks to one type of left-hand pattern.

If you want more Boogie Woogie pieces, or want to learn how to play in that style check out our Boogie Woogie Licks and Jerry Lee Lewis Boogie Collection, which contatins the piece Jerrry Lee Lewis Booige, as well as three guides: one on Left Hand Patterns, one on Right Hand Patterns, and one on Section Endings.


Gangnam Style Takes The World By Storm


Well how did that happen? Korean raper PSY (real name Park Jae-sang) releases his single Gangnam Style on the 15th of July, and a few months later it is a world-wide hit, taking everyone, including PSY, by surprise. I think it’s all to do with the dance. Remember The Ketchup Song, which had a similarrly catchy dance attached to the song? Or YMCA?

It’s great when you have these global events, when one song or movie or event takes the whole world by storm, and even has tufty world-leaders joining in (see heads of state trying to perform “Gangnam Style”). The tune is in the style of K-pop (Korean Pop Music), and of course we have the sheet music for it  here.

But where does “Gangnam” come from. Well it apparently refers to the Gangnam district in Seoul, which is one of the most well-off parts of the Korean capital, hence the references to Gangnam style, i.e. living it up.

Here is the official video:

This video is also quite funny, where PSY is helping teach the commentary team from BBC One’s Formula One coverage the Gangnam dance during the Korean Grand Prix (Former F1 driver David Coulthard, former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan and presenter Jake Humphrey are trying out their dance moves here)


New Madness Album due in November

3 years after their last album, The Liberty of Norton Folgate which reached the number 5 slot in the UK album charts in 2009, Madness are set to release their next in November 2012. Entitled Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da, the band are teasing us all with the expected mixture of reggae, ska, 2-tone and pop by allowing a free download of one of the tracks, Death of a Rude Boy. Starting with a driving beat, the song then gently erupts into comforting brass sound of the band but quickly gives way to a fresh new electronic sound. Unmistakeably Madness, Suggs’ voice is as fresh it has ever been. The song is quite dark, as the title hints but it has a lighter approach with it’s variation in vocal and instruments making it compelling listening. This is going straight on my MP3 player.


Learn more about Madness on our website