King Arthur is back: The Legend of the Sword

In a few weeks, the latest film about King Arthur will be released and it promises to be a huge success. This version is written by Joby Harold and directed by Guy Ritchie. At Great Scores we love good films but we love their soundtracks more. There is little information available at the moment save that the music will be by Daniel Pemberton and released by WaterTower Music.

You may not be familiar with Daniel Pemberton. He is an Ivor Novello winning and multi-BAFTA nominated composer and has score many Emmy and BAFTA award winning dramas and documentaries such as Complicit, Peep Show, Upstairs Downstairs, Desperate Romantics, Space Dive, Occupation and Hiroshima. He works with a wide range of musical mediums – from electronic to orchestral. He moved into film with the supernatural thriller The Awakening (2011). More recently he worked with Guy Ritchie on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015).

The title track audio has been released and can be heard here. It’s quite an earthy sound and we can expect a fair amount of that throughout the film.

An early soundtrack listing follows:

  • From Nothing Comes a King Sheet Music
  • King Arthur: The Legend Of The Sword
  • Growing Up Londinium
  • Jackseye’s Tale
  • Th Story Of Mordred
  • Vortigen And The Syrens
  • The Legend Of Excalibur
  • Seasoned Oak
  • The Vikings & The Barons
  • The Politics & The Life
  • Tower & Power
  • The Born King
  • Assassins Breathe
  • Run Londinium
  • Fireball
  • Journey To The Caves
  • The Wolf & The Hanged Men
  • Camelot In Flames
  • The Lady In The Lake
  • The Darklands
  • Revelation
  • King Arthur: Destiny Of The Sword
  • The Power Of Excalibur
  • Knights Of The Round Table
  • King Arthur: The Coronation
  • The Devil & The Huntsman

We will update our site as soon as we can source the sheet music.


Author: Grahame Davies

Co-Founder of Great Scores. Angel investor, piano player, runner