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„O sole mio“ must be the best known and most frequently sung Neapolitan folk song. It was composed in 1898 by Eduardo di Capua when he was on an journey in the Ukraine.
He got the idea one morning when the bright sun was shining through the window of his hotel room and he started longing for “his sun” – the sun of Naples.
“O sole mio” has been sung by opera singers as well as by rock- and jazz artists. A very well known version is that by Elvis Presley.

Level 1 of our O Ole Mio sheet music has a left hand consisting of minims only.
The left hand of Level 1.5 consists of dotted crotchets and quavers, and has more momentum.
Level 2 of O Sole Mio has even more notes in the left hand and a coda and is longer by 16 bars.
Level 2.5 has a rhythmically more advanced left hand and the melody of the chorus has two notes in the right hand.
The left hand of Level 3 has a bigger range than that of Level 2.5, and there are two notes in the right hand from the start.
The left hand of Level 3.5 covers a very big range (you'll need to be quick and precise!), and the melody is in octaves (and harmonised).

In the United Kingdom the melody of “La Donna e Mobile” is commonly known as “Just one Cornetto”, due to its use in a Cornetto ice cream.
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