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Michael Jackson

Our Michael Jackson Sheet Music is available below. We have 93 songs for Michael Jackson Piano, Vocal and Guitar Sheet Music and other instruments.

This includes 15 Duets.

Genre: Popular & Folk, Rock, Children, Alternative, Disco and More

Brilliant, tragic and odd are all words which can be justifiably used to describe Michael Jackson, a man who holds the record as the most successful entertainer. His music and dance routines were stunning and loved by 100s of millions across the world. Even though he died at just 50, his career spanned more than 4 decades. Starting as a child prodigy with his brothers in the Jackson 5, Michael progressed to going solo producing epic albums for his adoring fans and for the rest who simply loved his great music.

The oddness in his life included having a pet monkey, Bubbles, a theme park in his back garden and his ever changing look where he seemed to want to alter his skin pigment to become more "white".This is doubly odd considering songs such as Black or White where the message is one of promoting inter-racial relationships. The weirdness of his life included his befriending of children who he would share his bed with but the associated court cases didn't seem to diminish the respect the world had for him. He also dangled one of his children out of a hotel window. On the flip side, his foundation donated millions to worthy causes across the globe.

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