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Georges Bizet also known as Alexandre César Léopold Bizet - View Sheet Music for this Artist
  • Born: 25 October 1838
  • Died: 3 June 1875
  • French
  • Occupations: Composer
  • Genres: Classical
  • Instruments: Piano
Georges Bizet

Our Georges Bizet Sheet Music is available below. We have 34 songs for Georges Bizet Piano, Vocal and Guitar Sheet Music and other instruments.

This includes 26 Duets.

Genre: Classical, Romantic, Supplementary, Musicals & Shows, Opera and More

Bizet is best known for the opera Carmen and we have several pieces of sheet music to choose from for this work. Carmen was his last work before his death at the young age of 35. Regardless, Bizet's earlier works were highly acclaimed and won many prizes. One of these was the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1857 which included a financial sum. However, this money ran out and he realised that writing music was not going to provide him with a living.

Bizet played the piano to a very high standard but rarely performed to a public audience. He started to teach to earn a living and accompanied others in rehearsals and auditions. He also arranged other composers' work and transcribed hundreds of operas.

Bizet smoked very heavily and had a recurring throat problem. He also worked very hard, up to 100 hours a week, which must have taken a toll on his health. He eventually had a heart attack followed by another which brought about his demise.

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