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Frederic Chopin also known as Fryderyk, Franciszek - View Sheet Music for this Artist
  • a.k.a.: Frédéric François Chopin, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin
  • Polish
  • 1st March 1810 - 17th October 1849
  • You might know him for: The Minute Waltz; music from the film The Pianist; most famous Polish composer

Chopin was by birth half Polish and half French, which resulted him spending half his life in Warsaw, and half in Paris . A child prodigy, he took piano and compositions lessons, and was performing in public by the age of nine. Having completed his studies at the Warsaw School of Music, he found himself touring Europe when his beloved Poland was caught in an uprising against Russian domination. Chopin eventually settled in Paris , where he became a teacher and in 1837 entered into a relationship with the author George Sand, a divorced mother of two children. This relationship gave him the love and tenderness and stability he always craved, resulting in his most productive creative period.

Due to the hostility of one of Sand's sons their relationship broke down after ten years and a devastated Chopin moved to Great Britain . His already fragile health - worn down through constant traveling - deteriorated, and after his last ever performance in London he returned to Paris to die in 1849. Even though his body is buried in Paris , his heart was, according to his will, taken to Warsaw , where it rests in the Holy Cross Church .

During his fight with tuberculosis he once humorously wrote in a letter that: The three most celebrated doctors on the island have been to see me. One sniffed at what I spat, the second tapped where I spat from, and the third sounded me and listened as I spat. The first said I was dead, the second that I was dying, and the third that I'm going to die."

Chopin almost exclusively dedicated himself to writing for the piano. He wrote six works for orchestra and piano, but none for orchestra alone. Even though his music is often ornate, and is clearly written by and for a virtuosic pianist, he hated performing in public.

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