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Des'ree also known as Desirée Annette Weekes - View Sheet Music for this Artist
  • Born: 30 November 1968
  • English
  • Years Active: 1991 -

Our Des'ree Sheet Music is available below. We have 4 songs for Des'ree Piano, Vocal and Guitar Sheet Music and other instruments.

Genre: Popular & Folk, Soul, R & B and Supplementary, Ballad

Song Title Arrangements Image
Balcony Scene (from Romeo And Juliet) 2
Balcony Scene (from Romeo And Juliet)
Balcony Scene (from 'Romeo + Juliet') 1
Balcony Scene (from Romeo + Juliet)
Feel So High 1
PVG, Piano, Vocal, Guitar
I'm Kissing You 2
PVG, Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Lyrics & Chords
Im Kissing You
Life (Des'ree - Supernatural) 1
Lyrics & Chords
Life Ain't Easy 1
PVG, Piano, Vocal, Guitar
Life Aint Easy
You Gotta Be 6
PVG, Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Lead Sheet
You Gotta Be