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Charley Waitt

Our Charley Waitt Sheet Music is available below. We have 10 songs for Charley Waitt Piano Sheet Music and for Cello.

This includes 4 Duets.

Genre: Atmospheric & Modern, Boogie & Blues, Jazz and Classical, Supplementary

  • You might know him for Dreaming which featured on the Radio in the 1990s

Charley Waitt was born in Arizona and started piano at the age of 6. His musical career started at 11 when he wrote songs and short pieces, and this progressed to joining various bands from the age of 16.

Through these bands, he had an outlet for his songs to be performed and he was often the lead vocalist as well. He wrote songs for other gigging bands and, during his teens and twenties, performed at hundreds of gigs on the pub circuit and built a strong local following.

Charley has written many piano pieces, some of which have been played on local radio throughout the United Kingdom. Dreaming is a fine example of Charley's flowing and melodic piano style and is inlcuded in his piano teaching book designed for adults wishing to start piano. Click on the MP3 Great Scores icon on the right to hear Charley playing Dreaming.

This sound files is© C. Waitt and is for personal use only.
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