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Alan Silvestri

Our Alan Silvestri Sheet Music is available below. We have 49 songs for Alan Silvestri Piano, Vocal and Guitar Sheet Music and other instruments.

This includes 6 Duets.

Genre: Film & TV, Children, Easy Listening, Dance, Boogie & Blues and More

Composer's have styles just like songwriter's but they are not always known for them. In Silvestri's case he uses the octatonic scale which, broadly, is an eight-note musical scale. In his case the notes ascend in alternating intervals of a whole step and a half step, creating a symmetric scale. This is probably difficult to recognise as he has worked on so many varied works such as the TV programs Chips (for motorcycle cop fans), Starsky and Hutch (for ridiculously striped and coiffured detectives) and T J Hooker for William Shatner fans - oh, as a police Sergeant. The police theme can't be a coincidence but it is unclear why he has chosen this route, or did it choose him?

His TV works are probably secondary to his film scores though including Forrest Gump and Romancing the Stone and, well worthy of a mention, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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