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Song Title Arrangements
Adagio in G Minor 5
Amazing Grace 34
Angelina 2
Caruso 3
Come Primavera 1
Dentro Un Altro Si 1
Enamorado 1
Esisti Dentro Me 1
Every Time I Look At You 1
Feelings 6
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) 66
Hasta Mi Final 1
Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman (Un Regalo Que Te Dio La Vida) 1
Hero (Mariah Carey) 4
Hoy Que Ya No Estas Aqui 1
I Believe In You 13
Isabel 1
La Luna 1
La Promessa 1
La Vida Sin Amor 1
Mama 5
Musica 1
Nella Fantasia 2
Nella Fantasia (In My Fantasy) 3
Nights In White Satin (Notte Di Luce) 1
Passera 1
Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore 1
Sei Parte Ormai Di Me 1
She (Aznavour/Costello) 8
Si Tu Me Amas 1
Somewhere 17
The Power Of Love 18
The Time Of Our Lives 1
The Winner Takes It All 27
Ti Amero 1
Una Noche 1
Unchained Melody 35
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